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Why Women Custom Made Clothing ?

Why Women Custom Made Clothing ?

These days most of the clothes & dresses are produced in masses with average sizes. The dimensions of garments are reduced to the most likely measurements and produced accordingly. Women ready-made clothing  are made to fit the average body types. The trouble is that no one is average. Every women has different figure and the garment should look good, comfortable and appealing on her.

“A great dress can make you remember what is beautiful about life.” 

Many of us think why should we go for custom made clothing or specialised tailoring. But there is nothing more time wasting and demoralizing than buying clothes that don’t work with your existing wardrobe. They will sit on the hanger unused forever.

Instead of needing to replace valuable wardrobe pieces annually, you’ll find that bespoke garments can give years of useful service, increasing their value and offering excellent return on investment.

Only Made For You

Custom made clothing is tailored to fit you and only you; your height and weight, your posture, your body type and your fabric and styling choices. You can either send us your custom requirement over email or call us or whatsapp us. We can use different styling, embroidery, fabrics as per your choice. You can take your inspiration from celebrity closets, fashion shows, Fashion magazines, trends and other high street clothing styles.

Specialized Tailoring & Designing Team

We have a good team of Designers, Master pattern cutter, Stitcher or Tailor,  Finishers, Hand Embroiderers, Quality Controller who are involved in giving you a perfect fitted dress. Each team member has more than 5 to 10 years of experience.

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