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Bespoke Women Dress Shirts – Custom & Tailor Made

Bespoke Women Dress Shirts – Custom & Tailor Made

Maker of Bespoke High Quality Made to Measure Women Shirts in India.

Runway Fashion is maker of made to measure women shirts from India with worldwide delivery.  We specialise in Women Tailoring  for well fitted women shirts. All your custom tailored ladies shirts are made according to individual fit & Sizes.

If you are looking for a Tailor who can give you a perfect look you can contact us. Why us ?

  • Each Women Shirt is custom made to order, so you always get exactly what you want.
  • Many custom tailoring sites offer you very expensive shirts. Just ask for a quote here.
  • Each Shirt is made from the finest materials such as 100% Cotton, silk, woollen, linen, bamboo fabrics so you always get the quality you deserve.
  • We can tailor to women of all shapes and sizes.


We make Different types of Shirts For Women which includes Business Shirts, Fashion Shirts, Party Shirts.

You can look at this site ( . It offer custom tailoring services. But also on this website you can design your own custom shirts and send them orders. If you want we will make a shirt for you. Just Design you own Shirt and take a Screen print of look of shirt or let us know what you want. We will develop as per same requirement.


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